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Orion First Flight Launch Viewing Event

Friday, December 5, 2014

Orion 2014

Experience the thrill of the next step in human space exploration as NASA’s new Orion spacecraft launches on its inaugural test flight on December 5, 2014! Join Curator Denton Ebel for a live-stream viewing of Orion’s re-entry into Earth's atmosphere after a test flight. Learn about the possibilities of bold human missions to the far side of the Moon, to near-Earth asteroids, and eventually to Mars – missions that will excite the imagination.

The first step in America’s next giant leap in human space-flight is called Exploration Flight Test-1. During this four-hour unmanned mission, Orion will travel 3,600 miles above Earth’s surface--fifteen times farther than the orbit of the International Space Station. At the conclusion of the mission, Orion will reenter the Earth’s atmosphere at 20,000 mph, before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean.