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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

1882 hall

The Museum was founded as a Museum and Library 150 years ago, and the Library’s collections have grown steadily ever since. Join the Library’s Harold Boeschenstein Director Tom Baione to learn about some of the amazing stories unearthed in its extensive archives and photography, film, art, and memorabilia collections through the years—and to find out what the future has in store for this vital scholarly and community resource.

Meet the Speaker

Tom Baione's headshot
AMNH/R. Mickens

Tom Baione is the Harold Boeschenstein Director of the Department of Library Services where he began working in 1995. Tom’s a Brooklyn native and alumnus of Pratt Institute’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science. After two decades at the Museum, Tom remains fascinated by the Library’s published holdings, which date to the 1490s and by the non-print materials in the Library–which include photography, film, archives, manuscripts, fine art and illustration and the Museum’s Memorabilia Collection. Tom and his Library colleagues use a growing array of tools to ensure that the growing collections are well cared for and rendered discoverable to researchers and interested members of the public now and especially in the future.


Watch a video about Natural Histories, a collection of rare books from the Museum's collection, and read a Q&A with Tom Baione, its editor. Read about the 2014 launch of the Museum's image database. Listen to a lecture about Roy Chapman Andrews' 1913 expedition to Alaska.