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SciCafe: Antibiotics and Obesity

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

SciCafe Nov14

Microbiology researchers have shown in the past couple of years that populations of microbes living in and on the human body affect their hosts' health. Physician and microbiologist Martin Blaser will discuss how changes in the human microbiome brought on by microbe-killing behaviors such as overuse of antibiotics and hand sanitizers, as well as an increasing prevalence of caesarean sections, may be contributing to an increase in chronic conditions including obesity, allergic disorders, and diabetes.

Listen to the Fresh Air interview on modern medicine and the microbe.
Listen to the Diane Rehm interview linking overuse of antibiotics and asthma.
Read a New York Times article on the microbe.

Martin Blaser’s New York Times review on his newly released book Missing Microbes.

Martin Blaser discusses the threats associated with the overuse of antibiotics on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Arrive early and participate in Microbiome Research.


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