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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Three people, a man and two women, standing in an exhibition hall smiling at the camera.

Museum Curator Denton Ebel, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, will be joined by Amanda White and Ellen Crapster-Pregont to discuss the 2 and 3-dimensional imaging and analysis of meteorites and samples of Comet Wild 2 returned to Earth by the Stardust mission.



Dr. Denton Ebel is a geologist specializing in meteorites. The distant, resource-rich asteroid belt is his field area. He develops thermodynamic models describing the outcomes of condensation, evaporation, and crystallization processes. His group analyzes data from the MESSENGER mission to Mercury, comet samples from the Stardust mission, and the geochemistry of samples from the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary.
Ellen Crapster-Pregont is a PhD candidate at Columbia University conducting her research at AMNH. She studies early solar system composition and dynamics by looking at the chemistry and petrology of chondritic meteorites.
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Amanda White is the Confocal Microscopy Specialist at AMNH. She uses the museum's confocal microscope to image impact tracks of comet particles in aerogel from the NASA Stardust mission in 3D.


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