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SciCafe: Into the Abyss: New Frontiers in Deep Sea Exploration

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wrasse Flourescent

Join Museum Curator John Sparks and Research Associates David Gruber (CUNY) and Vincent Pieribone (The John B. Pierce Laboratory at Yale) for an undersea adventure as they describe their latest field expedition exploring pristine reefs, inky black depths beyond the reach of sunlight, and underwater volcanoes off the coast of the Solomon Islands.

The field trip was the inaugural expedition of the Museum's new Explore21 scientific initiative, which will support a program of exploratory fieldwork that is multidisciplinary, heavily integrated with emerging technologies, and focused on delivering real-world applications.

To learn more about deep-sea technology, see the Exosuit atmospheric diving system (ADS), the newest generation tool for ocean exploration, on display only Thursday, February 27, through Wednesday, March 5. 

The SciCafe series is proudly sponsored by Judy and Josh Weston.

The Museum greatly acknowledges the Dalio Foundation for its generous support of the inaugural Explore21 expedition.