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Science Throwdown: Sea vs. Land

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Black background with shark and lion staring at each other with the letters VS in between

On the ground or into the deep—which creatures are more compelling, intriguing, and inspiring? Join comedian and journalist Faith Salie for a lively discussion about the pros and cons of sea or land fauna across a range of categories. This tongue-in-cheek “debate” pits luminaries in two areas of science against each other, and you decide who wins. Panelists include conservationist Carl Safina and animal behavior expert Lori Marino (Team Sea) facing off against zoologist Jarod Miller and primatologist Mireya Mayor (Team Land). 

A book signing and meet-and-greet to follow.

Science Throwdown: Sea vs. Land is made possible by OceanX, an initiative of the Dalio Foundation, as part of its generous support of the special exhibition Unseen Oceans and its related educational activities and public programs.