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SciCafe: Spider Silk

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

An orb weaver spider crawls along its web. Spider silk, like the silk made by the orb weaver Araneus diadematus, is an extraordinary material known for its strength, versatility, and resiliency.
Courtesy of Pexels
The Museum is postponing SciCafe this evening out of deference to the protests for justice. 

Spider silks are among the strongest, most resilient, and versatile materials in the world. How did they come to be?

Portrait of Cheryl Hayashi in a lab.
Cheryl Hayashi
R. Mickens/© AMNH

Cheryl Hayashi, the Museum's Leon Hess Director of Comparative Biology Research and director of the Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics, studies silk gene DNA sequences to learn more about how spiders have developed such a large variety of silk types.

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