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Supernova Forensics: a Stellar Investigation from Cradle to Grave and Beyond with Alicia Soderberg

Monday, March 9. 2015

Spectacular Supernova

What happens when a star explodes? How do we study a phenomenon that happens huge distances away in space and far back in time? Supernovae research has long focused on the strong optical signal following these monster explosions. However, some of the most profound advances in our understanding have been revealed through observations at other wavelengths. Additionally, theoretical modeling of the end stages of stars has shed light on the final decades in a star's life as have deep-sea mud core samples on Earth that reveal radioactive signatures of recent supernovae close to home. With toes in the mud and eyes toward the stars, astrophysicist Alicia Soderberg will review new results from Harvard’s Supernova Forensics team.