Special Exhibit

The Butterfly Conservatory

October 7, 2017–May 28, 2018

Butterfly with patterned wings perches on a leaf.

This annual favorite transforms the coolest day into a summer escape, inviting visitors to mingle with up to 500 fluttering, iridescent butterflies among blooming tropical flowers and lush green vegetation in 80-degree temperatures. 

Housed in a 1,200-square-foot vivarium that approximates their natural habitat, species include iridescent blue morpho butterflies, striking scarlet swallowtails, and large owl butterflies.


Child looks through a magnifying glass at a butterfly perched on a slice of an orange.

Colorful educational displays outside the vivarium explain the life cycle of butterflies, the worldwide efforts to protect their diverse habitats, and the variety of butterfly species in New York State.


Generous support for The Butterfly Conservatory has been provided by the Eileen P. Bernard Exhibition Fund.