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The Exosuit

Thursday, February 27−Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Exosuit Front View

The Exosuit, a next-generation atmospheric diving system that will allow divers to explore marine environments at a depth of 1,000 feet, is going on public display for the first time from February 27 through March 5. The 6.5-feet-tall, 530-pound hard-metal suit will allow divers the dexterity to perform tasks such as imaging marine animals in their natural habitat with high-resolution underwater cameras while providing protection from the ocean's pressure.

The Exosuit was designed and constructed by Nuytco Research Ltd. and is owned by the J.F. White Contracting Company. Researchers from the Museum, Baruch College-City University of New York, and The John B. Pierce Laboratory at Yale University are working to develop the Exosuit for scientific research in collaboration with the J.F. White Contracting Company and colleagues at the University of Rhode Island and Arizona State University. This Exosuit—the only one currently in existence—will undergo its first test as a scientific tool in July 2014 on the Stephen J. Barlow Bluewater Expedition.