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The Extreme Life of the Sea with Stephen Palumbi

Sunday, March 9, 2014


In the drama of the oceans, the main characters—from organisms that must produce 2 million offspring a year to ensure survivors to others that can live for 10,000 years—are unfamiliar to most people. Stanford University marine biologist Stephen Palumbi explores these little-known animals in his new book The Extreme Life of the Sea, introducing us to the extreme species that thrive in the deep ocean’s unusual environments. A Q&A and book signing follows. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Please use the Main Museum Entrance at Central Park West. The Membership desk can print your tickets if you do not already have them. Please allow yourself enough time to arrive at the Kaufmann Theatre on time.

This lecture is sold out.


Watch the Book Trailer:


Courtesy of Dr. Palumbi, here are some other great links to get you excited for the presentation:

Excerpt of the Prologue:

"The Fastest" video from the enhanced eBook:

"A Shark" surprise:

A Tumblr dedicated to the book:



The Extreme Life of the Sea will be available for purchase the day of the presentation.