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The Sci-Fi Universe at the Hayden Planetarium

Thursday, October 9, 2014


PLEASE NOTE: This program has been cancelled. Ticket holders will be contacted by the Museum's ticketing department about refunds. 

Many science fiction stories have captured our imagination with settings far beyond Earth and some are even built around real science. Thousands of exoplanets have been found - are any of them M-class? There’s water on Mars - could we colonize it? What can physics tell us about warp and FTL drives and where are those galaxies far, far away? Hayden Astronomers Brian Levine and Christina Pease, examine the universe as seen through the lens of science fiction. Come along and explore locations from various shows, books, and movies through the immersive visualizations in the Hayden Planetarium. Find out what has been discovered and what is yet to be revealed!

Following the dome program join us for a cocktail hour in the Rose Center for Earth and Space, Astronomy on Tap’s DJ Carly Sagan will host some astro-tainment!

Costumes encouraged, from red shirts to brown coats to small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.