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Inside 33 Million

Dive deep inside the Museum's collection to discover the past, present, and future of its approximately 33 million artifacts and specimens.

If you've ever visited the Museum, you probably know about the Barosaurus, the blue whale, and the Great Canoe. But did you know there are also millions of items that aren't on display? Things like a giant lobster, comet dust, and woolly rhino fossils. Things that are part of a dynamic, evolving collection revealing awesome stuff about science and the world around us.

This new series uses the tools and formats of digital media to offer content as varied as the collection itself:

  • exclusive behind-the-scenes videos
  • photos, blog posts, and meet-ups
  • stories from curators and collections managers about some of the most fascinating specimens, cultural objects, and expeditions.

It's a collection for curious minds—opening doors, pulling out drawers, and taking the lids off some of the incredible, rarely-seen items in the Museum. Along the way, it will explore things like extinction, specimen preparation, epic expeditions of the past, and astonishing technologies that are unlocking new discoveries. Attention science geeks everywhere—this is the tour you've always dreamt of!