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  Privacy Policy   Family Programs Digital Universe Flight School (Grades 6, 7, and 8) Want to take a stroll on Mars? How about an afternoon flight to Europa, a moon of Jupiter that may be covered in enormous, warm oceans?... Research Foot Fossils of Human Relative Illustrate the Evolutionary "Messiness" of Bipedal Walking A new study on Homo naledi, the extinct human relative whose remains were discovered in a South African cave and introduced to the... October 6, 2015 Research Citizen Scientists Uncover Cold New World Near the Sun A new citizen-science tool released earlier this year to help astronomers pinpoint new worlds lurking in the outer reaches of our... June 2, 2017 Video SALT: Imaging the Southern Sky With a telescope this big, the future is bright for South African astronomy. Degree Program Research Grants and Graduate Student Exchange Fellowships   Educator Materials Spitzer Hall of Human Origins Booklist for Adults Find an answer to the question, "What is human nature?" Investigate Jane Goodall's pioneering field research. And consider... Blog Post One-Million-Year-Old Hominin Pelvic Bone Features Modern Human Traits Museum-led study of rare fossil suggests that the human pelvis evolved in hominin ancestors earlier than previously thought. September 6, 2018 Blog Post Zuni Film and Events at the 2013 Mead Festival Nearly a century after Museum anthropologists first recorded a sacred ceremony of the Zuni tribe, a rare archival film is getting... October 15, 2013 Blog Post From Sugar Skulls to King Cakes: Dec. 14 Global Kitchen Explores Holiday Foods Another fast-approaching holiday season brings a rush of food, fun, laughter, and memories. Fabio Parasecoli, an associate professor... December 9, 2011 Blog Post Exploring the Microbiome at the Museum The Healthy Microbiome Project promises to drive our understanding of the subject forward, and in doing so takes a place in the Museum’s... May 23, 2016 Blog Post Swab, Learn, and See In The Sackler Lab Come share your microbiome with scientists at the Museum, or just learn about why laying off the hand sanitizer could be good for... June 6, 2016
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