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Article An Enduring Bond Horses no longer carry soldiers into battle or pull plows and stagecoaches as they once did. But our long relationship with these... Article Isbelle Deborah Butterfield has been building horse sculpture for more than 30 years. Article How We Shaped Horses, How Horses Shaped Us The close relationship between horses and humans has changed us both. People have remade horses, creating dozens of breeds in our... Article Controversies Timeline Timeline of theories of evolution Article Perissodactyl Website The Division of Paleontology has launched a new website about Perissodactyls. This website was developed as part of the NSF grant:...   Hall of African Mammals Discovery Guide     final_project.pdf   Conference Publication   Blog Post Theodore Roosevelt Inspires Identification Day It’s Identification Day this Saturday from noon to 4 pm! Bring in your rocks, bones, feathers, plants, and other finds for a Museum... May 8, 2014 Blog Post New Abu Dhabi Fossil Discovery Supports “Out of Africa” Monkey Dispersal Just when and how Old World monkeys—a diverse and widespread group that includes macaques, baboons, and leaf monkeys—dispersed out... June 30, 2014 Blog Post Training for Deep Dives In June, Museum Curator John Sparks was trained in the Exosuit, a next-generation atmospheric diving system, at Woods Hole Oceanographic... July 21, 2014 Blog Post Answering Questions About Proconsul Last year, William Harcourt-Smith, an assistant professor at Lehman College and a research associate in the Museum’s Division of... July 13, 2012
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