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Article New Study Finds That Present-Day Mammals Diversified Long After Dinosaurs Went Extinct   Article New Research By Scientists At The American Museum Of Natural History Shows Medicinal Leeches Misclassified For Centuries, Are Likely Three Species I... PRE-COLUMBIAN JADE AXES UNEARTHED IN ANTIGUA SUGGEST LONG-DISTANCE TRADE BETWEEN EASTERN CARIBBEAN AND CENTRAL AMERICA Article Bioluminescence Bioluminescence is visible light generated by living things through a chemical reaction. The light we know best—incandescent light—is... Article Is it Enough? When it comes to climate change, there is no easy solution. Article Outdoors They shade buildings and absorb CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the air. Article Raising Awareness encouraging efficient practices. The Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins, CO, is 60 percent more energy efficient than other... Article Taste The human mouth can sense at least five tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami (savory). Find out more—and join us for tastings... Research Loading and using Sankoff characters     Weckel, Mark     Niles Eldredge: Trilobites & Punctuated Equilibria     Q&A: John Burroughs Medal Winner Sherry Simpson on Living With Bears The winner of the 2015 John Burroughs Medal for nature writing says the reality of living alongside these complex animals is much... April 6, 2015   Field Journal: The Sound of Dawn in Guadalcanal Dawn is a magical time, especially for those interested in birds, whose choruses of sound at first light in tropical forests is something... September 21, 2015
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