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Resource Collection Science Topics Collections of unique digital resources on featured scientific topics that reflect the breadth & depth of the Museum’s mission. Special Exhibition Our Senses: An Immersive Experience Explore 11 funhouse-like spaces in this highly experiential exhibition that dares you to trust your senses. November 20, 2017 — January 1, 2019   Events for Adults Looking for science-related events for adults in New York City? Attend a lecture, festival, walk, tour, planetarium show or special... Educator Materials Online Darwin Resources for Educators Teaching and talking about evolution can be challenging. Look here for support of all kinds from national organizations, tailored... Educator Materials GOLD Booklist for Kids How does gold form and what does it take to extract it from the earth? You'll find everything from colorful field guides to tales... Interactive Talking to Fireflies Have you ever wondered why and how fireflies flash? Educator Materials Petra Web List Explore Petra and learn more about archaeology with this Web list for kids and adults. Educator Materials Resources For Educators: Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs Download the Educator's Guide and activity worksheets for the Pterosaurs exhibition. Press Release The American Museum of Natural History Announces T. Rex: The Ultimate Predator New exhibition explores the life history, remarkable abilities, and ancient relatives of Tyrannosaurus Rex. January 7, 2019 Article About the Exhibition Explore the diversity of organisms that glow and learn how scientists study this amazing natural phenomenon in the latest exhibition...   Dinosaurs for Visitors The Halls of Dinosaurs—learn about the Museum's most beloved and terrifying specimens, including Tyrannosaurus rex and Apatosaurus....   Happy Third Anniversary, Curiosity! Let's look back at the work done NASA's rover in the three years since it touched down on Mars. August 6, 2015
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