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Press Release American Museum of Natural History Advance Schedule This is the advance schedule of exhibitions and programs at the American Museum of Natural History from fall 2015 through summer... September 28, 2015 Interactive You Are The Queen   Programs and Events Research Experience for Undergraduates - Division of Physical Sciences Summer undergraduate research opportunities in Astrophysics and Earth and Planetary Sciences.   The Bugs of Summer: Orchid Bees These colorful bees are perfect partners for orchids, pollinating the flowers while they create perfumes that attract mates. August 14, 2015 Degree Program Museum Residencies During the program's first summer, teacher candidates participate in a Museum-based teaching residency, and during the second summer,... Article Environmental Effects of Industrial Run-off on Daphnia magna With this 11th-grader from Iowa, investigate a former munitions and nuclear weaponry plant that was placed on the EPA's Superfund... Blog Post “Herping” On A Green Sponge “The forest feels like a super-saturated giant green sponge, where thick moss grows on everything,” writes herpetologist Chris Raxworthy... October 10, 2014 Blog Post Field Journal: Searching for Birds in the Malakula Heat After a warm welcome in the village, the team faced constant dehydration and mounting bug bites in the field—but made a new canine... December 16, 2014 Article Race to the South Pole Check out this scrapbook to explore an amazing race that took place a century ago. Two teams of men raced across Antarctica to be...   Saltz Summer 2014 Information   Blog Post SKY REPORTER: High Summer At 11 am Friday July 5 Earth reached the aphelion point of its orbit, when our planet was 94,508,958 miles from the Sun. It’s the... July 5, 2013 Article The September Journey On September 8, 1911, after several days of improving temperatures, an impatient Amundsen decided he could wait no more. A caravan...
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