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Article Into the Ice The Endurance set sail from South Georgia at 8:45 a.m. on December 5, 1914; on the evening of December 7, she encountered the first... Article Coming Together Although separated by 1,000 miles and by dramatic differences in climate, landscape and traditions, Northwest Coast and Southwest... Article The Diversity of Life The exhibition's fourth section illustrated the diversity of life in the Gobi, how specific finds have increased our understanding... Article Talking Teeth You can tell a lot about what a horse eats from its teeth--even if the teeth are fossils. The first horses all had short, broad chewing... Article Extreme Bodies Let's be honest, some mammals look bizarre--giant teeth, deadly feet, skin covered in everything from piercing quills to impenetrable... Article Zeiss LSM 710 Press Release Willamette Meteorite Agreement The American Museum of Natural History and the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon Sign Historic Agreement...   NOAA_07_Seasons_Assembly.pdf     Africa NCEP worked in Madagascar for over a decade, developing educational resources and training conservations educators and protected... Degree Program School Overview   Blog Post In Their True Colors: Developing New Methods for Recoloring Faded Taxidermy In 2013, the American Museum of Natural History and Yale University‚Äôs Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and the... Blog Post Exoplanet Hunters Find a Chemical Clue European scientists recently used a telescope instrument called HARPS to measure the chemical content of 500 stars similar to the... December 18, 2009