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Audio Adventures in the Global Kitchen: Demystifying Bitters Few beverages have as rich a history as bitters, the herbal-flavored spirit that was once marketed as medicine but is better known... March 1, 2013 Video Exploring the Dark Universe: Cosmic Microwave Background Mordecai-Mark Mac Low on the Big Bang's "echo." OLogy Card 342 Curiosity rover If there's life on any other planet in our solar system, it's probably on Mars. Scientists have sent orbiters, landers, and rovers... OLogy Card 312 Ross MacPhee Ross MacPhee has always loved dirt. It means the opportunity to find lost things--from bones and teeth to pirate treasures. They're... OLogy Card 314 Mordecai-Mark Mac Low In college, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low decided to take science classes that looked like fun. So he chose astrophysics, which uses physics... OLogy Card 299 solar power There are many kinds of energy. But only one makes plants grow, drives the weather, and keeps our planet warm enough for life. It's... OLogy Card 057 comets Comets are like "dirty snowballs" that have orbited the Sun since our Solar System formed, billions of years ago. A comet... Educator Professional Learning Lynnae Quick, Course Instructor Lynnae Quick is an online instructor for Seminars on Science, the Museum's online professional learning program for educators. Educator Professional Learning Explorations of Nature - Bank Street (SCIE 510) Graduate Course with Bank Street College of Education - an introduction to the scientific exploration of the natural world. Educator Materials Make a Terrarium For billions of years the greenhouse effect has made life possible on Earth. Build a terrarium—your own miniature greenhouse—to see... Planetarium Programs 2014 Asimov Debate: Selling Space Space exploration is entering a new era with the birth of private aerospace companies whose goal is to commercialize space. Exhibit Stones Stony meteorites fall into two main groups: those that partially melted while they were in space, and those that did not melt.