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Programs and Events The Funeral Singer A Vietnamese funeral singer celebrates life and family through the process of death and grieving Programs and Events Tea or Electricity (Le Thé ou l'Electricité) Follow the implementation of electricity in a tiny isolated village in the middle of the Moroccan High Atlas. Shot season after season,... Programs and Events Queen of the Desert Starlady is not your ordinary youth worker: with fabulous hair and outfits, she is training indigenous youth in the art of hairdressing. Programs and Events Indivisible Vivid and relatable stories of families caught in the crosshairs of our national debate on immigration policy Video Seven Songs for a Long Life Meet patients at a hospice in Scotland who share the stories and feelings of their last days through song and film. Programs and Events Cast In India A glimpse into the lives of men in Indian factories who forge the ubiquitous bits of street life New Yorkers step on daily: manhole... Programs and Events A Wife Among Wives Recently digitally remastered in Turkana with English subtitles, a beautiful and influential film of renowned filmmakers David and... Programs and Events Let's Get the Rhythm Through wars and migrations, across language barriers and oceans, young girls connect through thousands of different hand-clapping... Programs and Events My Prairie Home Transgender musician Rae Spoon is a deeply soulful individual whose story is at once unique and speaks to the universality of human... Course What Makes Us Human - Exploratory Course What makes human beings unique? Study all aspects of human life. Student Programs Culture through the Lens - Exploratory Course Explore gender, race, and the individual through various visual media such as film, photography, and social media. Video Pre-Crime Sci-fi creeps closer to reality as police use predictive software to preemptively target potential criminals.