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Article Fast Facts The English-speaking world measures the height of horses in hands, abbreviated "h" or "hh"; one hand is equivalent... Article Controversies Timeline Timeline of theories of evolution Blog Post Explore21: Finding Fluorescent Fish Recently, Curator John Sparks and team set out to the Solomon Islands on the inaugural Explore21 expedition, where they found that... January 10, 2014 Blog Post Dispatch from Top Camp “That climb was so worth it!” writes herpetologist Chris Raxworthy. “Here we find one of the most beautiful bright green tree frogs... October 24, 2014 Blog Post Wooden Ifugao Figures from Anthropology's Philippines Collection In the mountains of northern Luzon in the Philippines, the Ifugao people cultivate rice on elaborate terraces with intricate irrigation... January 28, 2013 Blog Post Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver Talks Beer Beer and cheese have long been two of America’s favorite things. On October 19, Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and Aaron... October 5, 2011 Degree Program Apply   Talks New Science, New Solutions New Science, New Solutions takes a closer look at a societal problem through the lens of science, offering new perspectives and potential... Research New Study Suggests that Last Common Ancestor of Humans and Apes was Smaller than Thought New research suggests that the last common ancestor of apes—including great apes and humans—was much smaller than previously thought,... October 12, 2017 Video SALT: Imaging the Southern Sky With a telescope this big, the future is bright for South African astronomy. Programs and Events Internship Program   Article Careers Find out about jobs, internships, and fellowships available at the Museum.