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  Code of Conduct   Educator Materials Spitzer Hall of Human Origins Booklist for Adults Find an answer to the question, "What is human nature?" Investigate Jane Goodall's pioneering field research. And consider... Article Upslope Earth's biodiversity is mostly in the tropics, and most tropical species can survive within only a narrow temperature range. That's... Article The Ocean: Climate Control The ocean acts as a global climate control system: it regulates the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere by absorbing, storing,... Article Water From Air Nearly every continent on Earth has a few places in which an unusual phenomenon takes place:   Solve a sedimentary layers puzzle   Article Exquisite Emerald The Patricia Emerald is among the world’s most magnificent uncut emeralds. “Only a small number of large emeralds have been saved,... August 22, 2016 Special Exhibition Synopsis Our Journey to the Stars spans billions of years, beginning on Earth and extending beyond our galaxy and into the future before returning... Course Fall 2013   Blog Post Latest Baby Picture of the Universe, Featured in Hayden Planetarium Space Show This spring the Planck spacecraft, currently orbiting over 1.5 million km (900,000 miles) from Earth, provided the most precise images... September 26, 2013 Blog Post Moons Meddle in Jupiter’s Aurora Like Earth, Jupiter has auroras that gleam at its poles but, unlike Earth, astronomers have noticed that Ganymede and Io each add... October 8, 2009 Blog Post How to Spot the International Space Station (and other satellites) How to see passing satellites and the space station from your own backyard. July 1, 2009