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Blog Post Recipes for Eruption Museum researchers use different combinations of heat, pressure, and rocks to uncover the science behind volcanic eruptions. April 21, 2015 Blog Post New Solar Satellite Delivers First Images In April 2010, NASA released the first collection of images taken by its newest solar spacecraft, the Solar Dynamics Observatory... April 30, 2010 Press Release Rose Center To Go To Space Component crafted at the American Museum of Natural History will launch with the James Webb Space Telescope. April 15, 2010 Blog Post SKY REPORTER: Record Setting Asteroid Encounter Highlights for February 2013, including information about the 2012 DA14 asteroid encounter. February 1, 2013 Blog Post Meet Me in Madagascar: Part Three The last in a series, this post features the work of Museum scientists studying chameleons living today and fossil vertebrates—from... August 27, 2013 Blog Post Coursera Teams Up with Museum to Provide Free Online Courses for Science Teachers The American Museum of Natural History is partnering with Coursera, a leading Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider, to offer... May 1, 2013 Blog Post George Harlow: Solving a Geological Puzzle in Guatemala In November 2010, Museum Curator George E. Harlow embarked on a Constantine S. Niarchos Expedition to the Montagua Valley in central... June 14, 2013 Blog Post It Starts with a Simple Sketch The new Hayden Planetarium Space Show Dark Universe, which premieres at the Museum on November 2, will take viewers on a journey... September 18, 2013 Video Tropical Cyclone Sandy Watch Tropical Cyclone Sandy evolve in NOAA satellite data. Video Synopsis   Educator Materials Related Links   Educator Materials Related Links