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Exhibit Meteor Crater If the Hayden Sphere is the size of Saturn’s moon Janus, then this model is the relative size of Meteor Crater. Exhibit Chips off an old rock Meteorites from the asteroid vesta reveal its dynamic history. Exhibit Black smoker Modern black smokers, like ancient black smokers, contain complex mixtures of fine crystals of iron, copper, and zinc sulfides. Exhibit Anatolian Fault, Turkey The Anatolian transform fault system is probably the most active in the world. Exhibit Fault in Crystalline rock This near-vertical fault in granitic gneiss offsets a black basaltic dike. Exhibit Coral Core This section of a coral colony recorded conditions in the eastern Pacific Ocean during at least 10 El Niño events. Exhibit Tree Core This core represents a continuous record of climate in the Hudson River Valley. Exhibit Space dust Some meteorites are made primarily of tiny particles of dust—from our solar system and beyond. Exhibit Jewels from space These stunning meteorites come from a region between the crust and core of a differentiated asteroid. Exhibit Manhattan schist Originally a shale, this schist now consists of dark, biotite-rich layers and finer-grained, light-colored layers made of gray quartz... Exhibit Aa lava Aa (pronounced “ah-ah”) lava is more solidified and flows sluggishly compared to its more fluid counterpart, pahoehoe. Exhibit The Great Alaskan Earthquake On March 27, 1964, one of the largest earthquakes of the 20th century occurred in southern Alaska.