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Blog Post Finding Fossils in an Antarctic Summer “In this kind of fieldwork, you have your reasons for wanting to go to a place, but you don’t always get what you want,” says Curator... September 16, 2016 Programs and Events Museum Education and Employment Program A unique and challenging summer employment experience for college student and recent college graduates. Educator Professional Learning Alison Wolin, Course Instructor   Student Programs AMNH Lang Science Program 7-year program of hands-on science exploration and behind-the-scenes adventure for middle and high school students in New York City. Programs and Events Internships for High School, College, and Graduate Students Internships for museum, science, social science, and education professionals. Article January 17, 1912 As late as mid-January, Scott and his men had seen no sign of the Norwegians and thought they might actually beat them to the prize.... Camp Evolution Institute - (Grades 6, 7 and 8) Explore the amazing diversity of life on our planet, making use of AMNH's considerable resources, such as our fossil halls, genetics... Blog Post Learning As They Lead Museum Education and Employment Program (MEEP): summer internship that trains college-age students to develop and lead free tours... January 31, 2011 Article The Legacy With few exceptions, the scientists of the Heroic Age had one chance, and one only, to go to Antarctica. If they didn't get what... Programs and Events Emerging Visual Anthropologists Showcase Sold out - In this special showcase we present four of the newest shorts to come out of the Visual Anthropology tradition. Blog Post National Treasures Today marks the 100th birthday of America's National Parks Service. Help us celebrate by visiting the many National Parks sites on... August 25, 2016 Blog Post Twilight Scenes Jupiter is prominent in the night sky this month along with bright stars of the summer triangle. June 21, 2017
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