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Article Splitting Up North Americas Oldest Community   Blog Post Pelican Island at 110 Years On March 14, 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt issued an executive order setting aside Pelican Island, Florida, as the very first... March 14, 2013 Blog Post Meet the Gilded Lady New technologies allow researchers to unravel the secrets of ancient mummies, even recreating what they looked like in life. May 2, 2017 Blog Post Ph.D. Graduate Profile: Daniel Barta Doctoral candidate Daniel Barta mined the Museum’s fossil collections to study dinosaur reproduction, growth, and development. September 20, 2018 Exhibit Pegmatite Environment Mineral materials (elements), once widely distributed throughout the original magma, sometimes become greatly concentrated in the... Blog Post Dinosaur Fossil Showing Early Signs Of Miniaturization Necessary For Flight Found By AMNH Paleontologists   November 15, 2007 Educator Materials GOLD Books for Adults Experience the California Gold Rush. Examine gold in its pure and refined forms. And find out how gold has shaped civilizations throughout... Educator Materials Petra Web List Explore Petra and learn more about archaeology with this Web list for kids and adults.   Trilobite Eyes   Article Analysis of the Composition of Mammalian Species in an Urban, Fragmented Area in Southern California A love of animals led this young naturalist to study the effect of urbanization on mammal species in two different habitats. Article Neighboring Species The puzzling distribution of plants and animals in South America and the Galpagos would later make Darwin question how species originated.... Blog Post Your Guide to the Summer Night Sky There’s lots to find in the summer skies—if you know where to look. And don’t miss the summer Astronomy Live series, now through... July 11, 2017