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Blog Post American Museum Of Natural History Joins National Effort To Transform Math And Science Education As Recommended By New Carnegie Corporation Commissi...   August 10, 2009 Blog Post Skylight: Saturn Shows Off Its Rings Saturn’s rings are captivating from any vantage point, but more so when tilted fully towards or away from Earth, as there are this... October 19, 2017 Blog Post Four Reasons Why Students Stick to STEM In a new study, Museum educators studied alumni of the long-running Lang Science Program to pinpoint what drives students to pursue... May 10, 2018 Blog Post Skylight: The Big Dipper Through Time Stars aren’t still—they move through space. So why do today’s constellations closely resemble those depicted by ancient astronomers? July 28, 2017 Blog Post Oldest Big Cat: Fossil of Four-Plus Million-Year-Old Big Cat Species Discovered Researchers on an expedition in Tibet recently discovered the oldest big cat fossil ever found, filling a significant gap in the... November 13, 2013 Blog Post December 7 SciCafe: Q and A with Angela Belcher What if materials in nature could be harnessed to design smarter technologies? Join MIT Professor Angela Belcher at the December... December 2, 2011 Blog Post SKY REPORTER: Gaia’s Eyes are Opening Gaia will revolutionize our view of the solar neighborhood and the Milky Way, and it's about to begin observations. February 12, 2014 Blog Post Curator Michael Shara On 25 Years of Hubble A Museum curator looks back on his work with the Hubble Space Telescope 25 years after the launch of the iconic instrument. April 24, 2015 Blog Post Building Better Skull Models For Ancient Carnivores New biomechanical modeling techniques can help determine if ancient predators were strict meat eaters or less picky omnivores. April 29, 2015 Blog Post SKY REPORTER: Two October Eclipses A total lunar and a partial solar eclipse will be widely visible across North America in October. However each event is too near... October 6, 2014 Blog Post From the Field: Sunsets, Sunrises, and Studying Stars Blogging from the Kitt Peak National Observatory in the Sonoran desert in Arizona, Jackie Faherty, a research scientist in the Museum’s... April 25, 2011 Blog Post Venus and the Moon Will "Snuggle Up" on Feb. 27 Venus and the crescent Moon put on a show in the evening sky on Feb 27, 2009. February 19, 2009