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Programs and Events Related Programs Visit the Museum this season for exciting programs about whales and oceanic habitats. Blog Post Dwarf Galaxies: More Star Power The Hubble Space Telescope discovers something new about star formation in dwarf galaxies. June 18, 2009 Blog Post New Mission to the Moon In June, NASA is sending two satellites, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) and Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite... June 18, 2009 Blog Post Introducing the New Hayden Blog Welcome to the new Hayden Planetarium blog. July 22, 2008 Blog Post Pole Vaulting to a Solar Eclipse Joe Rao, longtime Hayden Associate, files a dispatch from his latest eclipse tour. August 3, 2008 Blog Post Playing with Galaxies Explore the 2MASS Galaxy Catalog in Digital Universe. November 11, 2008 Blog Post Look... Up in the sky... It's the International Space Station See the International Space Station pass over the New York City metropolitan area on November 22, 2008. November 19, 2008 Blog Post A "Celestial Summit Meeting" Set For December 1st Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon will all be visible in the evening sky next week. November 23, 2008 Blog Post First Look at Faraway Worlds At long last, two teams of scientists have directly glimpsed the feeble light of planets orbiting distant stars through the lenses... November 26, 2008 Blog Post Wait Just a Second . . . Wait a second. The start of next year will be delayed by circumstances beyond everyone's control. Time will stand still for one second... December 23, 2008 Blog Post Carbon Dioxide Found on Extrasolar Planet NASA scientists have announced that they’ve detected carbon dioxide on a planet 63 light-years from Earth. The new find is another... January 2, 2009 Blog Post 84 Years Ago, the Sun Blinked Out! January 24, 2009 is the 84th anniversary of the last total solar eclipse that was visible from New York City. On January 24, 1925,... January 24, 2009