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Video Classroom Activity Classroom activity for the Science Bulletins documentary SOFIA: Stars and the Space Between. Research Five New Species of Snail-sucking Snakes Discovered New AMNH-led research discovers five new species of snail-sucking snakes in Ecuador and Peru. June 14, 2018 Press Release Tiger-spray DNA Shown as Valuable Conservation Tool Conservation scientists have demonstrated a new technique to non-invasively survey tigers using their scent sprays, which are detected... June 18, 2015 Research New Study Combines Biology, Anthropology, and Economics for More Complete Picture of Illegal Wildlife Trade Wildlife trade represents a major threat to endangered species, especially in Southeast Asia, where illegal trade is widespread despite... October 11, 2017 Research New Study Doubles the Estimate of Bird Species in the World New research suggests that there are about 18,000 bird species in the world—nearly twice as many as previously thought. December 12, 2016 Research Fossil Insect Study Suggests That Los Angeles Climate Has Been Relatively Stable for at Least 50,000 Years Research based on more than 180 fossil insects preserved in the La Brea Tar Pits of Los Angeles indicate that the climate in what... May 24, 2017 Research Scientists Challenge Next-generation Sequencing Dogma Next-generation sequencing has revolutionized the biological sciences, but a study published today in the journal Scientific Reports... July 31, 2017 Research Early Trilobites had Stomachs, New Fossil Study Shows Exceptionally preserved trilobite fossils from China, dating back to more than 500 million years ago, have revealed new insights... September 21, 2017 Research New Study Suggests that Last Common Ancestor of Humans and Apes was Smaller than Thought New research suggests that the last common ancestor of apes—including great apes and humans—was much smaller than previously thought,... October 12, 2017 Article Essay: Earth's Magnetosphere   Student Programs Science Alliance Program A unique 3-year science enrichment program designed for middle school students interested in learning about a wide variety of scientific... Collection Staff Access and Registration Library access and privileges for Museum staff