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Blog Post Researchers Discover Rare Jade Artifact in Southwest Pacific 3,300-Year-Old Jadeitite Tool Leads to New Potential Geological Source May 10, 2012 Research Leg-wing Coordination in Baby Birds, Dinosaurs is Key Transition in Origin of Flight, Study Suggests New research based on high-resolution x-ray movies reveals that despite having extremely underdeveloped muscles and wings, young... April 21, 2016 Research Ancient Pueblos Traced Descent Through Moms New DNA analysis of ancient Pueblo remains suggests that the complex society that once existed at Chaco Canyon in the southwestern... February 21, 2017 Article NAO Who? Name any debacle of nature, and someone will likely blame it on El Niño. But there’s another large-scale climate pattern that's been... Article All About Jade Jade has been used by people around the world for thousands of years—first to make tools, later to create precious works of art.... Blog Post Know Your Sauropod The world’s largest dinosaurs were extraordinary animals. Here’s a quick rundown of just a few of sauropod species and features. August 13, 2018 Educator Materials Water and Life on Earth Water makes life as we know it possible. By using water more wisely, we can make sure there's enough to share with all living things. Blog Post This Month at the Museum The Museum teems with wildlife, from an ocean babies-themed festival to the final days of The Butterfly Conservatory. May 1, 2019   NGSS-AMNH-CARD-DECK-HS-PS3     NGSS-AMNH-CARD-DECK-HS-ESS1   Article Velociraptor Had Feathers Yes, According to a New Fossil Discovery in Montana's Homer Site   Move Over Sponges How DNA Detective Work Explains the Extinction of Christmas Island's Native Rats