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Blog Post SciCafe Returns Oct. 5 To Debunk the Scientific Myth of Race On the first Wednesday of every month, the Museum hosts inquisitive minds for cocktails and conversation about the latest science... September 29, 2011 Blog Post Making the Most of Your Museum Membership Thinking of joining the Museum? Here are a few tips to maximize a Museum membership. March 11, 2014 Blog Post Opulent Oceans: Q&A with Curator Melanie Stiassny This month marks the publication of Opulent Oceans: Extraordinary Rare Book Selections from the American Museum of Natural History... October 16, 2014 Blog Post Sandy and Climate Change: Is There a Link? The largest hurricane to make landfall along the mid-Atlantic coastline of the U.S., Superstorm Sandy made history. Experts say Sandy... November 30, 2012 Permanent Hall Discovery Room This hands-on, interactive gateway to the wonders of the Museum is a space for families, especially children ages 5–12. Event Milstein Science Series: Ocean Babies Learn all about the youngest animals that live beneath the sea at this family-friendly festival, with Main Stage programs hosted... Sunday, May 19, 2019   Frequently Asked Questions   Programs and Events Internships for High School, College, and Graduate Students Internships for museum, science, social science, and education professionals. Article Energy From the Earths Heat Humans have long enjoyed bathing in natural hot springs, with waters warmed deep underground. Article Visions of Mars For centuries, people dreamed of discovering intelligent life on Mars. Early telescopes seemed to give glimpses of plant life fluctuating... Article Death from the Skies? Earth has been hit by asteroids before--a giant impact 65 million years ago likely caused the extinction of large dinosaurs. The... Article How Green Is My Desert? Dry lands