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  The Butterfly Life Cycle Explained We walk you through the winding path from egg to caterpillar to butterfly—one of the most famous transformations in the natural world. April 3, 2017 Blog Post Student Tracks Butterfly Flower Preferences When 12-year-old Katelyn took a field trip to a butterfly exhibit, she wondered why butterflies chose certain flowers over others... October 6, 2011 Blog Post The Butterfly Brief: Heliconius cydno Butterflies that belong to the Heliconius genus, known colloquially as longwings, have discovered the secret to butterfly longevity. February 22, 2011 Press Release Live Butterflies Return to Enchant Visitors The Butterfly Conservatory: Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter returns to the American Museum of Natural History. September 14, 2018 Article Butterfly Anatomy The intricate designs of butterfly wings are produced by thousands of scales, arrayed in complex patterns. Blog Post WARNING: Aposematism Explained Many animals—including butterflies—use color cues to show that they’re not a good meal for predators. May 8, 2017 Blog Post Columbus Day Weekend Highlights: Butterflies, Comic Con Columbus Day Weekend in NYC? The Butterfly Conservatory opens here at the Museum, and we are also at Comic Con (if you're heading... October 11, 2013 Blog Post Building the Butterfly Conservatory Now in its fourteenth season at the Museum, The Butterfly Conservatory: Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter! draws thousands of... October 7, 2011 Article Evolution Our understanding of butterfly origins is based on the study of living Lepidopteran species. Article Grow a Butterfly Garden A butterfly garden, large or small, can attract butterflies to your back yard. Here are some tips for creating your own garden.   Butterfly Conservatory Guide     The Butterfly Conservatory Educator's Guide  
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