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  Climate Change Educator's Guide   Press Release Patterns of Glowing Sharks get Clearer with Depth A team of researchers led by scientists from the American Museum of Natural History has found that catsharks are not only able to... April 25, 2016 Press Release Think Like an Explorer with New American Museum of Natural History App Today the American Museum of Natural History launched Explorer, an updated app that lets visitors personalize their onsite experience... November 22, 2016 Press Release Study Signals Dramatic Change in the Way Ancient Diets are Calculated New research on plant-eating mammals finds key value in carbon isotope analyses is not constant, changes with body size. June 27, 2018 Research The Prolonged Death of Light from Type Ia Supernovae Three years after its explosion, a type Ia supernova continues to shine brighter than expected, new research finds. The observations... February 24, 2016 Article Kids in the Hall of Biodiversity: Articles What do chocolate and cacao beans have to do with coral reefs? Everything when it comes to biodiversity and the threat of extinction,...   Education SWRS offers many advanced training courses for biology students and seasoned researchers. Workshops are also available for avid naturalists. Article You're Fired: The Use of Fire to Eliminate Non-Native Plants in a Prairie Restoration I went on a class field trip to Fernwood Botanic Garden in southwest Michigan when I was in sixth grade. When we toured the restored... Article Marching Hazard This young naturalist decided to test the field where she practiced with marching band after it was designated as an EPA site. See... Article Deformed Frogs: The Big Mystery Frogs with a single hind leg were not the most surprising discovery this seventh-grader from New York made. Read what he learned...   Recognizing Your Giving The various ways people can pay tribute to their relationship with the Museum or honor a loved one.   Burgess Shale - Cradle of Early Life