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Article More Than Meets the Eye: Do Himasthla Sp. B Cercariae Use Chemo-orientation? After trudging through a muddy salt marsh, this young naturalist decided to investigate whether cercariae used chemo-orientation... Article Manipulating Mutant Chlamydomonas reinhardtii strains in Hydrogen production: A Novel Source of Renewable Energy Learn what this young naturalist discovered when she created hydrogen fuel using green algae.   Types of Dinosaurs Check out a list of images and info for over 40 kinds of dinosaurs, and find out how many different dinosaur types have been discovered.   Media   Article North American Ethnography The Division of Anthropology was established at the AMNH in 1873, only four years after the founding of the museum. During its first... Educator Materials Jaguars Because they feed on everything from monkeys and pacas to armadillos and alligators, jaguars play a key role in the rain forest ecosystem.... Article Hydrothermal Vent Formation Submarine hot springs, called hydrothermal vents, spew out mineral-rich hot water. What do scientists hope to learn by tracking the... Educator Materials Looking For Life In Antarctica If you want an idea of the conditions on Mars, journey to Antarctica. Take a close look at the work of an astrobiologist studying... Educator Materials Mapping Hot Springs on the Deep Ocean Floor At the bottom of the ocean, how do scientists find their way around? This marine geologist's work includes helping to create accurate,... Article Maintaining an Arthropod Collection Entomologist, Christine Johnson, shares simple tips on how to prepare spider specimens and maintain a collection at home.   Journey to the Stars Activities 3-5     West Africa Voyage from Cape Town to Gibraltar 2013