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Article From Goo to Zoo Meet a deep-sea ecologist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute who has pioneered the use of submersible robots to study... Article Rapid Change in a Warming World Climate change isn’t always slow, small, and imperceptible in a human lifetime. Ice core analysis has found a single decade in which... Festivals Milstein Science Series This weekend afternoon series give visitors a chance to interact with scientists, discover amazing creatures, and celebrate science...   Join & Support Join dedicated Members and donors who share a passion for science and a love of discovery–and help ensure that our doors stay open... OLogy Card 019 Oviraptor philoceratops Oviraptor was a bizarre-looking, toothless dinosaur.   Apps Explore the Museum's mobile apps. Educator Materials Building a Cloud Chamber (Cosmic Ray Detector) Wouldn't it be cool if you could create a rain cloud? Or call cosmic rays into view? Well, you can do both! All you need is an aquarium,... Educator Materials Resources For Educators: Water: H2O = Life An in-depth look at the life-giving and finite resource of water. Educator Materials A Conversation with Jacques Malavieille The mountain-building processes of folding and faulting take many millennia on Earth—and a matter of minutes in the lab. Learn how... Educator Materials Case Study: John Michell And Black Holes Imagine gravity so strong that even light is contained by its force. When a country parson first described black holes in 1783, the... Article Plan Your Visit Start here: find out how to get to the Museum, buy advance tickets, and map out your must-see exhibits.   Was Triceratops A Social Animal? Amplifying Entire Mitochondrial Genomes Yields New Insight into Malarial Parasite Evolution