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Audio SciCafe: When Black Holes Collide Astronomer Janna Levin discusses the first recordings of a gravitational wave - from black holes that collided 1.3 billion years... December 29, 2016 Blog Post Microbiome Monday: The Bacteria and "The Guinea Pig Doctor" A bacterium responsible for ulcers may be a line of defense against other diseases. November 30, 2015 Article News Page   Article Ancient Trilobite Fossils on Display A new display in the Grand Gallery includes some of the oldest fossils in the Museum's collection. June 13, 2013   Volunteer More than 1,000 volunteers with diverse backgrounds help the Museum meet its mission and goals. Find out how to participate! Article Climate Change Resources Browse a list of resources, programs, and events about climate change developed and presented by the Museum. Research Museum Researcher Names Lizard Genus After Tolkien’s Dragon Smaug The fearsome Smaug dwells deep in a cavern and terrorizes nearby villages. His real-world namesakes aren’t quite as fearsome. September 6, 2011 Blog Post 2017 Margaret Mead Film Festival: Activate Four days. More than 40 international nonfiction films and stories. The Museum’s film festival honoring legendary anthropologist... August 15, 2017   Mead 2017: Chronicling Life in Rural Morocco in House in the Fields Filmmaker Tala Hadid spent more than six years documenting the life of a family in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. October 21, 2017   Conservation de la Biodiversité et Réduction de la Pauvreté à Madagascar   Educator Materials Resources For Educators: Anne and Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origins Humans, like all species, are a product of evolution. Help students understand the evolutionary story of our taxonomic family with...   Rice, Emily L.