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  British Columbia The CBC partnered with the Qqs Projects Society to establish Coastwatch, a First Nation-driven science-based resource management...   The Saola The CBC collaborated with partners to implement the first and at the time only initiative researching and implementing Saola conservation...   Kids-Guide-To-Birds-of-Central-Park     How to See the Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower New York isn’t the best place to watch tonight’s meteor shower, but this primer can maximize your chances of spotting a shooting... July 28, 2017   New Study Shows “Solitary” Pumas Are Social Over Meals Using motion-triggered cameras and GPS technology, researchers have documented social behaviors and networks among wild cats long... October 11, 2017   Mead 2017: Chronicling Life in Rural Morocco in House in the Fields Filmmaker Tala Hadid spent more than six years documenting the life of a family in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. October 21, 2017   Deadly Fungus May Be Infecting Snakes Worldwide New research suggests that a fungal disease caused by Ophidiomyces ophidiodiicola can affect snake species worldwide. December 20, 2017   What To Know About the 2018 Super Blue Blood Moon On January 31, three lunar phenomena—a Super Moon, Blue Moon, and Blood Moon—coincide in a rare event in the morning sky. January 30, 2018   Leeches’ Blood Meals Can Be Used to Track Regional Biodiversity New study confirms DNA collected from leeches can be used to identify a region’s animals including, for the first time, birds and... March 1, 2018   Carnivora Skull Shape Depends on More Than Just Diet For the first time, new research shows that skull form and function among mammals from this large group is influenced by such factors... February 7, 2018 Conference Announcement   Blog Post Minute Marsupial: Zeledon’s Mouse Opossum Small enough to climb onto the inflorescence, or flower cluster, of a palm plant, this tiny mouse opossum belongs to a newly re-classified... May 4, 2011