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Blog Post This Weekend at the Museum: Crocs, Concerts, and More It looks like rainy weather arrived just in time for the weekend, but we've got you covered with live animals, live music, and more. June 3, 2016 Blog Post Bioluminescence Evolved Frequently in Fish A paper co-authored by Museum scientists finds that the ability to produce light evolved 29 times in fish alone—much more often than... June 8, 2016 Blog Post Women In Museum History: Francesca LaMonte Ichthyologist Francesca Lamonte, a Museum curator, was Ernest Hemingway’s go-to fish authority, and according a 1952 editions of... March 11, 2016 Blog Post New Fossil Indicates Origin And Rise Of Modern Mammals   September 14, 2007 Blog Post New Bat Species Discovered by Museum Researchers There are more than 5,400 mammal species—and more than one-fifth of them are bats. In early 2012, Museum Curator Robert S. Voss discovered... March 4, 2014 Blog Post Cookie Cutter In The Sky   December 15, 2008 Blog Post Revealing The Evolutionary History Of Threatened Sea Turtles   November 1, 2008 Blog Post Polar Bears Can't Eat Geese Into Extinction New Statistical Model Demonstrates That Trophic Mismatch Feeds Bears Without Exterminating Snow Geese November 27, 2010 Blog Post New Approach Helps Teachers Integrate Conservation Biology Into High School Ecology Classes Study Shows Real Data and Relevant Video Presentations Make Environmental Issues Come Alive in Classroom September 13, 2010 Blog Post Exploring the Ancient DNA of Fossil Mammals The Museum’s fossil collections, including specimens that carry traces of organic materials, are letting researchers peer back in... July 21, 2017 Blog Post Widely Used DNA Analysis Misses Microbial Species, Study Finds A Museum-led study finds that when it comes to surveying biodiversity, a commonly used genetic sequencing technique is missing a... July 31, 2017 Blog Post 2017 Margaret Mead Film Festival: Activate Four days. More than 40 international nonfiction films and stories. The Museum’s film festival honoring legendary anthropologist... August 15, 2017