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Blog Post New Approach Helps Teachers Integrate Conservation Biology Into High School Ecology Classes Study Shows Real Data and Relevant Video Presentations Make Environmental Issues Come Alive in Classroom September 13, 2010 Blog Post Exploring the Ancient DNA of Fossil Mammals The Museum’s fossil collections, including specimens that carry traces of organic materials, are letting researchers peer back in... July 21, 2017 Blog Post Widely Used DNA Analysis Misses Microbial Species, Study Finds A Museum-led study finds that when it comes to surveying biodiversity, a commonly used genetic sequencing technique is missing a... July 31, 2017 Blog Post 2017 Margaret Mead Film Festival: Activate Four days. More than 40 international nonfiction films and stories. The Museum’s film festival honoring legendary anthropologist... August 15, 2017 Blog Post Happy Birthday, Roy Chapman Andrews! Interested in Roy Chapman Andrews's adventurous life? Here are some ways to learn more. January 26, 2014 Blog Post David Gruber on Microscopic Glowing Aliens Friday, March 02 9:18 am Curator John Sparks is blogging weekly about the upcoming exhibition, Creatures of Light, which opens on Saturday, March 31. This... March 2, 2012 Blog Post Animal Drawing: Q&A with Diorama Artist Steve Quinn When night falls on Thursdays at the Museum, a group of people carrying sketchpads and charcoal enters the doors and heads to the... February 23, 2012 Blog Post Giant Platypus? Newly Discovered Fossil Tooth Reveals Largest Platypus on Record While an undergraduate, Museum graduate student Rebecca Pian and her colleagues and advisers found the tooth of what is, so far,... November 13, 2013 Blog Post Passenger Pigeons: Gone Today but Once Abundant The Passenger Pigeon, Ectopistes migratorius, was once so abundant that migrating flocks passing overhead could darken the sky for... February 18, 2014 Blog Post New Book from the Museum: Extraordinary Birds Learn more about our sumptuously illustrated new book Extraordinary Birds: Rare Book Selections from the American Museum of Natural... February 27, 2014 Blog Post New Research: Bat Malaria Parasites Linked with Rodents Research by an international research team co-led by the Museum shows a surprising diversity of malaria parasites in West African... October 7, 2013 Blog Post Women’s History Month at the Museum To honor Women’s History Month this March, we’ll be bringing you stories of the women who helped to shape the American Museum of... March 3, 2015