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Blog Post Playing at the 2013 Mead—Allan Baldwin: In Frame and More Playing at the 2013 Mead Film Festival, Allan Baldwin: In Frame, a poignant odyssey of a photographer who becomes an accidental historian,... October 1, 2013 Blog Post SKY REPORTER: January 2013 This month, the Moon finds itself between the Crab Nebula and the Hyades, a large star cluster in Taurus. January 1, 2013 Blog Post Was Triceratops A Social Animal?   June 30, 2009 Blog Post Tracing the Face and Age of the Placental Mammal Ancestor A small, furry-tailed, insect-eating creature was the earliest ancestor of placental mammals—a widely diverse group of animals ranging... February 7, 2013 Blog Post Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin! It's Darwin Day 2013, and readers around the world can digitally peruse scientific manuscripts Charles Darwin wrote, thanks to the... February 12, 2013 Blog Post Make It a Pterosaurs Weekend, and Discover the Power of Poison Ready, set, pterosaurs! This Saturday marks the opening of the exciting new exhibition Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs. April 4, 2014 Blog Post New Study: Nectar-drinking Traits in Bats Evolved More Than Once Contradictory explanations for the evolution of nectar-drinking in a diverse group of bats have long puzzled scientists, but new... September 26, 2012 Blog Post Grinding Teeth of Duck-bill Dinosaurs More Advanced Than Horses' A new scientific study shows that duck-billed dinosaurs pulverized tough and abrasive plants with grinding teeth more complex than... October 5, 2012 Blog Post Ancient DNA Reveals Arctic Whale Mysteries A team of researchers has published the first range-wide genetic analysis of the bowhead whale—a baleen whale that lives in Arctic... October 24, 2012 Blog Post Researchers Broaden Reach of Virus Tracking Software A web-based application that tracks dangerous viruses as they spread has been restructured to allow even wider use of the program... May 22, 2012 Blog Post Farthest Explosion Gives Glimpse of Ancient Star On April 23, 2009, NASA’s Swift satellite captured a glimpse of the most distant astronomical object ever seen—the fading afterglow... November 12, 2009 Blog Post Shuttle Discovery to be a "Morning Star" on Monday Early next Monday morning (April 5) at 6:21:22 a.m. Eastern Time, the Space Shuttle Discovery is scheduled to be launched on mission... April 2, 2010