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Article News Page     Physical Sciences REU 2015 Awardees     Wetland Dynamics & Flamingo Habitat Use in the Andean Plateau     Dinosaur Feathers Scientists think that many dinosaur species sported primitive feathers—precursors to those birds use to fly, court mates, and more. Blog Post Zapotec Urn Sheds Light on Ancient People of Mexico’s Oaxaca Valley A clay funerary urn offers clues to the ancient Zapotec people of Mexico’s Oaxaca Valley and other glimpses into early Mesoamerica. October 10, 2018 Exhibit Atoms, Space Lattices, and Crystals To understand the properties of minerals, we need to see how atoms, the fundamental building blocks of minerals, fit together. Blog Post Target Jupiter As Juno reaches Jupiter, the largest planet is prominent in July's evening sky. June 10, 2016 After-Hours Programs One Step Beyond with Louie Vega and Duane Harriott Louie Vega and Duane Harriott will perform at One Step Beyond on Friday, January 9. During this monthly party, enjoy drinks and dancing... Blog Post Coming Thursday, February 27: The Exosuit For just one week—Thursday, February 27, through Wednesday, March 5—the Exosuit, the newest generation of atmospheric pressure suits... February 25, 2014 Blog Post Museum Celebrates Fourth Commencement Graduating students were honored alongside U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr., and Cuban biologist Gilberto Silva Taboada. October 27, 2016 Research Developing a Regional Conservation Strategy for Flamingos in the Americas The CBC works in the high plateau of the Andes to conserve dynamic wetland complex that supports flamingos in South America.   Kizirian, David