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  Past Exhibitions   Cultural Programs Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award The Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award recognizes documentary filmmakers who embody the spirit, energy, and innovation demonstrated by...   Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award Information about the Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award, which is given out at the annual film festival at the American Museum of Natural... Programs and Events George Stoney Tribute: How the Myth Was Made Our tribute to the beloved documentarian and educator George Stoney, who passed away earlier this year, engenders a lively discussion... Programs and Events Mead Events Free with 2012 Mead Ticket Stub Special performances and other interactive events around the museum complement the extraordinary... Programs and Events Mead Dialogues As technology advances and people‚Äôs capacity to record and disseminate stories expands exponentially, the nature of documentary filmmaking...   Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award     The Secrets to NOT Being a Broke College Student: Managing Your Money - Information Session Have you ever thought about how you will manage your money when you are in college and on your own? Financial experts will present... Blog Post Fossil Sharks, Ammonites Among Additions to Paleo Collection Thanks to a major donation from Ohio University, 15,000 pounds of marine fossils hundreds of millions years old recently have been... April 16, 2014 Blog Post The Immortal Jellyfish This tiny jellyfish may have discovered the secret to eternal life, in a manner of speaking. May 4, 2015 Blog Post Museum Researcher Describes What May Be Oldest Ape Teeth on Record A study led by Museum paleoanthropologist Ashley Hammond confirms Kamoyapithecus hamiltoni was an ape. February 28, 2019 Student Programs Field Trip to the Moon Grades 5-8: Simulated voyage to the Moon in the Hayden Planetarium.