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OLogy Card 159 Vladimir Ovtsharenko Since he was a boy, Vladimir Ovtsharenko has been fascinated by nature. Growing up, he loved collecting spiders, beetles, and butterflies... OLogy Card 161 Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was a Nobel Prize-winning physicist who changed the way we think about our world and our Universe. OLogy Card 163 Johannes Kepler Considered a pioneer in astronomy, Johannes Kepler is best known for his three laws of planetary motion. OLogy Card 164 Galileo Galilei Galileo was a "jack of all trades." He was a musician, a philosopher, a physicist, and an astronomer. He is best known... OLogy Card 171 Sir Arthur Eddington Einstein might never have become a worldwide celebrity had it not been for the English astrophysicist Arthur Eddington. OLogy Card 184 Melanie Stiassny Melanie Stiassny has been fascinated by fish from the time she was a little girl living in London. Today, Melanie is an ichthyologist,... OLogy Card 220 Chuck Spencer Growing up in Panama, Chuck was interested in old ruins, Spanish forts, and archaeological sites. In college, he worked on a dig... OLogy Card 221 Christina Elson Christina was always fascinated by archaeology because it combined her love of history with her interest in world cultures. OLogy Card 256 Ed Mathez Ed Mathez has always been fascinated by rocks and the Earth. As a young boy, he went with his mother to old rock quarries to look... Educator Materials Mammal Flip Books How do how gazelles jump straight up into the air from a standstill? And why do dolphins swim differently than fish? Create six fun... Exhibit Kidd Creek Mine Near Timmins, Ontario, geologists discovered one of the world’s largest deposits of zinc, copper, lead, silver, and tin. Exhibit Formation of the Himalayas Forty million years ago, the continent of India, which was being carried northward by the Indo-Australian plate, collided with Asia.