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  Study Finds Some Malaria Parasites May Need New Names Researchers discover deadly malaria genus Plasmodium includes several distantly related groups. May 23, 2018 Blog Post The Library Receives A Grant From The National Film Preservation Foundation The American Museum of Natural History Library has received a grant of $16,380 from the National Film Preservation Foundation to... August 20, 2014 Blog Post Unknowingly Consuming Endangered Tuna A genetic tool uncovers the species of tuna plated in sushi restaurants. January 1, 2009 Blog Post Sea Anemone Tree of Life Reveals Giant Species as Impostor A deep-water creature once thought to be one of the world’s largest sea anemones, with tentacles reaching more than 6.5 feet long,... May 7, 2014 Blog Post See a Selenelion at October's Lunar Eclipse For the October 8 lunar eclipse, observers in the eastern U.S. might be able to see the rising sun and setting full moon simultaneously... September 22, 2014 Blog Post Archaeopteryx Was Not Very Bird-like Archaeopteryx Lacked Rapid Bone Growth, The Hallmark Of Birds   October 8, 2009 Blog Post Strange Predatory Dinosaur from Europe's Late Cretaceous Described by Romanian and U.S. Paleontologists New Velociraptor Relative Had Stocky Limbs and Two Claws on its Feet October 12, 2010 Blog Post Massive Star Formation Study: Solving a 30-Year-Old Puzzle An international group of astrophysicists including Museum Curator Mordecai-Mark Mac Low has found evidence strongly supporting a... January 24, 2014 Blog Post The Dose Makes the Poison: A Q&A with Robert Hoffman, MD After a conversation with NYU medical toxicologist Robert Hoffman, MD, you may well come to see your daily routine—coffee in the... October 30, 2013 Blog Post SKY REPORTER: The (not-so lonely) Star of Autumn   October 11, 2013 Blog Post Specimen Prep Times Six There’s more than one way to prep a specimen, depending on whether you’re an entomologist, herpetologist, or anthropologist. January 16, 2015 Blog Post “Herping” On A Green Sponge “The forest feels like a super-saturated giant green sponge, where thick moss grows on everything,” writes herpetologist Chris Raxworthy... October 10, 2014