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  The Butterfly Conservatory Educator's Guide   Article Ecology Because of their interactions with plants and other animals, butterflies play an important role in the web of life.   Nabokov's Butterflies 360 Literary giant Vladimir Nabokov was also a passionate lepidopterist. Blog Post Masterpiece on Butterflies Published After a Century on the Shelf In the works since the 1830s, Titian Peale’s descriptions and paintings of North American butterflies will be published on September... August 27, 2015 Blog Post A Guide to the Butterfly Life Cycle Pin-sized egg. Hungry caterpillar. Winged butterfly. The butterfly’s transformation from larva to adult, known as complete metamorphosis,... October 4, 2017 Press Release Live Butterflies Return to Enchant Visitors at the American Museum of Natural History The Butterfly Conservatory: Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter, an annual favorite visited by millions of children and adults,... August 13, 2015 Blog Post Creating a True-to-Life Butterfly for the Coyote Diorama A multi-video series about the restoration of the dioramas in the Jill and Lewis Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals, now... December 18, 2012 Video Science Bulletin: Loggers Imperil Monarch Butterflies   Blog Post One Week Left to Visit The Butterfly Conservatory There's just a few days left to see The Butterfly Conservatory, featuring fascinating species like the paper kite. May 20, 2016 Blog Post Moths at Large at the Museum By far the largest and oldest group in the order Lepidoptera, moths are usually overshadowed by their flashier cousins, the butterflies.... February 27, 2013 Article Butterfly Metamorphosis The butterfly begins life as an egg, emerges as a caterpillar, and then undergoes a complete change in body form during development.   Butterfly MAIN release  
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