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Educator Materials Lizards & Snakes: Alive! Glossary What are squamata? Why is the term "cold-blooded" incorrect? And how does chemoreception work? Find out with this glossary—from... Degree Program Gerstner Scholars Program   Video Profile: Nancy Simmons Nancy Simmons, Curator, Division of Vertebrate Zoology Audio SciCafe: How Plants Domesticated Humans with Fatimah Jackson Join anthropologist Fatimah Jackson to discuss the fascinating story of co-evolution between plants and humans. December 26, 2013 Blog Post An Obsession with Oddity: Sir Richard Owen and the Aye-Aye Learn more about aye-ayes, unusual mammals with "continuously growing front teeth, batlike ears, a foxlike tail, abdominal mammary... July 16, 2013 Exhibit Relations of Plants to Geology and Soil These six display cases show landscapes shaped by different rocks. The type of rock affects the composition of soil and influences... Event Frontiers Lecture: The Terrain of Venus with Martha Gilmore Planetary geologist Martha Gilmore describes her research studying our neighboring planet’s terrain. Monday, February 4, 2019   Sharkey et al. 2011. Phylogenetic relationships among superfamilies of Hymenoptera.Cladistics, 27: 1-33.   Blog Post Twelve Parasites Of Christmas Celebrating The Year-End Postings from Parasite of the Day, A Blog Inspired by the International Year of Biodiversity December 27, 2010 Educator Materials The Effect of Salt on Tomato Plants Students predict the effect of salt on tomato plants.   Climbing Plants, 2nd edn 1875 (Freeman 836) Darwin's Book Publications - The movements and habits of climbing plants, 2nd edn 1875 (Freeman 836)   Insectivorous Plants, 2nd edn, rev. by Francis Darwin 1888 (Freeman 1225) Darwin's Book Publications - Insectivorous plants, 2nd edn, rev. by Francis Darwin 1888 (Freeman 1225)
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