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  Documentaries     Visualizations   Video Runners (Biegacze) A nearly 150 mile race can bring out the most extreme pain and joy imaginable. What pushes the runners to the race at all–and what...   Volcanoes, From Field to Lab   Article A Tale of Two Rovers In early 2004, two unlikely explorers traveled to the red planet and found strong evidence to confirm water once existed on the surface... Blog Post The Scientific Legacy of the Apollo 11 Mission Learn how experiments from NASA’s first successful manned mission to the Moon continue to shape our understanding of the universe. July 20, 2018 Blog Post SKY REPORTER: The Search for Habitable Planets The Kepler Mission discovered a new earth-like extrasolar planet. April 24, 2013 Article Volcanoes Some volcanoes explode with the force of an atomic bomb. Others spill rivers of gently flowing lava.   T. rex: The Ultimate Predator T. rex: The Ultimate Predator reveals the amazing story of the most iconic dinosaur in the world. Blog Post SciCafe Returns Oct. 5 To Debunk the Scientific Myth of Race On the first Wednesday of every month, the Museum hosts inquisitive minds for cocktails and conversation about the latest science... September 29, 2011 Article Visions (and Revisions) of Mars The invention of the telescope in the 17th century provided scientists with unprecedented, yet hazy, images of Mars. Some observers... Exhibit Earth If the Hayden sphere is the size of the Sun, then this model is the relative size of Earth.
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