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  Invertebrates   Blog Post Natural Histories: Pith Paper Butterfly Souvenirs Among the Museum library’s rare books is a Chinese silk-covered album containing over 100 beautiful hand-painted butterflies on a... December 10, 2013 Exhibit Two buck deer and a butterfly   Educator Materials Science Bulletin: Loggers Imperil Monarch Butterflies Satellite images show severe deforestation in a rare monarch butterfly overwintering site in Mexico. Blog Post 4/19 and 4/20: Butterflies and Pterosaurs, Plus Upcoming Highlights If this week’s winter throwback has left you longing for spring again, spend this weekend in the warm halls at the Museum. April 18, 2014 Blog Post How Do Moths and Butterflies Survive a New York City Winter? They may seem as delicate as gossamer, but moths and butterflies routinely survive the cold, harsh weather of New York winters. This... February 7, 2013 OLogy Card 337 Purple Crows Every fall, over one million Purple Crows journey from northern to southern Taiwan. They spend the winter in warm valleys known as... Blog Post A Rare Beauty The world’s largest butterfly is now also one of the most endangered, surviving only on a tiny plot of coastal rain forest in the... November 3, 2014 Article Butterfly Buffet: The Feeding Preferences of Painted Ladies Can you imagine a world without butterflies? Although butterflies are insects, most people think they are beautiful, peaceful creatures... Blog Post Chinese Butterflies In our rare book collection is a little silk-covered album containing twelve plates of brilliantly colored butterflies painted on... April 30, 2013 Blog Post Celebrate World Wildlife Day with Museum Researchers From the Hall of North American Mammals to the forests of Vietnam, our researchers share stories from the lives of animals around... March 3, 2017   Memorial Day Weekend at the Museum Staying in town for the long weekend? Great timing—it’s your last chance to see some amazing exhibits at the Museum! May 26, 2017
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