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Programs and Events Festival Theme: Re:Frame The 2016 Margaret Mead Film Festival is themed, “Re:Frame." Video Her Words Meet the last remaining writers of a 500-year-old secret language known only to women in Southern China. Event Astronomy Live: Come Fly with The MARSBAND Join Director of Astrovisualization Carter Emmart and the musicians of The MARSBAND, including Keith Patchel for an immersive exploration... Tuesday, August 1 Article A Look into Darwin’s Unseen Manuscripts | SciTech Now David Kohn, Director of the Darwin Manuscripts Project, joined Hari Sreenivasan in a discussion presented on an episode of SciTech... Blog Post Video Interview with Mead Festival Jury Lead Darren Aronofsky Academy Award-nominated director Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan), who will lead the Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award jury, shares his... October 21, 2011 Audio Podcast: SciCafe: Robots Inspired by Nature and Beyond In the world of cutting-edge robot design, scientists are looking to biology and nature for inspiration. In this podcast, join Professor... May 6, 2011 Research Amato Group George Amato is Director of the Center for Conservation Genetics at the American Museum of Natural History. Video Solar Eclipse 101 What to expect in the August 2017 eclipse. Video Profile: George Amato Director, Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics Educator Professional Learning Eleanor Sterling, Course Author Eleanor Sterling is a course author for Seminars on Science, the Museum's online professional learning program for educators.   Hayden Planetarium   Programs and Events Taxiway What does it mean to try to become who you want to be? How do you choose your life instead of letting it be shaped by circumstance?...
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