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Article Journeys of Heroes and Deities Large and exuberant festivals in honor of local gods are central to village life among the Kinh majority in Vietnam.   Q&A: John Burroughs Medal Winner Sherry Simpson on Living With Bears The winner of the 2015 John Burroughs Medal for nature writing says the reality of living alongside these complex animals is much... April 6, 2015 Article Microbiome Monday: The Ecology of a Killer Microbe Microbiome Monday is back as our curators explore the ecology and life cycle of the killer microbe Legionella. September 14, 2015 Article Endangered: Leatherback Sea Turtle What is threatening the Leatherback Sea Turtle? Learn about this magnificent creature and what people can do to help. Article Amundsen's Expedition Born to a family of Norwegian ship-owners on July 16, 1872, Roald Amundsen was four years younger than Robert F. Scott. Despite his... Article Kwakwaka'wakw A group of roughly 20 tribes that share a common language, the Kwakwaka'wakw are famous for the depth and complexity of their ceremonial... Article Burmese Python Striking with open jaws, this python loops its body around its prey. Then--slowly, irresistibly--it tightens the coils. Article Ancient Krasnyi Yar Some 5,000 years ago, a community of hunters known as the Botai people lived on the steppes of Central Asia. Were they among the...   Hall of African Mammals Discovery Guide     Ventral Trilobite Preservation   Blog Post From the Field: Heading Out to Rusinga Island Blogging from west Kenya, William Harcourt-Smith, a research associate in the Division of Paleontology, is directing a 20-million-year-old... June 21, 2011 Blog Post Explore Your Collections and Ours at Identification Day Museum scientists will be on hand on Saturday, May 9 to identify objects from visitors’ natural history collections. Not sure what... May 6, 2015
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