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Article Spiders: True or False? Which came first: spiders or dinosaurs? Do all spiders make webs? Are all spiders poisonous? Test your knowledge and find out... Article Cuba's Caves Hidden from view, shielded from the elements, caves harbor tantalizing traces of Cuba’s past. Blog Post A Lumholtz Legacy: Tarahumara Mask For the first expedition organized by the Museum’s Division of Anthropology, to the Sierra Madre range in Mexico in 1890, the... Blog Post Spider Primer Scientists have identified more than 44,500 spider species so far (for comparison, there are about 6,000 mammal species). Blog Post Three Intriguing Species from Curator John Sparks One of the curators of Life at the Limits shares his favorite species from the exhibit and his fieldwork. Programs and Events George Stoney Tribute: How the Myth Was Made Our tribute to the beloved documentarian and educator George Stoney, who passed away earlier this year, engenders a lively di... Blog Post Dinosaurs Had Colored Eggs, New Study Shows Researchers find the first evidence of colored eggs in eggshell samples belonging to Eumaniraptoran dinosaurs. Educator Materials Inbreeding Case Studies Activity Part 1 This activity exposes students to the causes and consequences of inbreeding in animal and human populations. Blog Post What Are Whales? The word "whale" may bring to mind the image of a blue whale, the largest animal ever to have lived. But did you kn... Permanent Hall Hall of Biodiversity The Hall of Biodiversity presents a vivid portrait of the abundance of life on Earth, highlighting both biodiversity and the...   Milstein Hall of Ocean Life The Milstein Hall of Ocean Life highlights the drama of the undersea world and its diverse and complex web of life in marine... Research Reinterpreting the Northwest Coast Hall In 2017 a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation sponsored a plan to reinterpret and conserve the Northwest Coast Hall wh...
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